Target is one of my favorite stores because they are affordable, convenient and organized. They provide a pleasant shopping experience for consumers by maintaining quality standards, providing a consistent store layout and offering a line of cost-effective Up & Up brand products.

Target's Up & Up brand provides its consumers with a quality, cost-effective alternative to name brand products. The simplistic design of the Up & Up brand packaging combined with the products low cost, in my opinion make it the best choice for consumers.

One of the challenges I believe Up & Up faced was differentiating itself from name brand competition. I feel creating a consistent, functional and simplistic package design solved this challenge. From a macro view, the product packaging is well designed. However from a micro view, improvements such as alignment, hierarchy and kerning would strengthen the design. In my opinion, addressing missed opportunities for alignment, establishing a more effective hierarchy, adjusting kerning and removing unnecessary photography would create a more potent design.

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